Hitting Upward

Looking for an escape becomes reasonable and handy when someone is being engulf with the stress he or she is experiencing in the environment. There’s a great tendency for people to create a certain habit from this mechanism of looking for an escape.

Lyndon de Leon, on his Young blood article “Hitting rock bottom’ last October 2016, told readers of his drinking adventures and the perks he possessed while being drunk. As a young professional, de Leon mentioned how he started drinking in college in a most unexpected way. As he told his simple beginnings, he was able to describe how fast alcohol have entered his boring life. In a form of giving introductions he then followed it with a narrative and descriptive style of his prominent drinking life. His concept on writing the said article have tried breaking the concept of stereotyping among his fellow drinkers. Instead pf just listing the unpleasant effects of alcohol, he used it as a tool to highlight the intensity of his emotions. Getting wasted is a really good thing for de Leon. Losing things became worth it at all. The smiles and their drunk looks are proofs of them being ‘real’.

Of them being real Just by describing his actions and his emotions, de Leon managed to imply that he’s in his ‘good addiction’ and that he still need alcohol more than ever being a heavy drinker. In some cases, he has been inconsistent in provoking the readers’ minds. Some of the parts he used in his article are confusing. It can be because the writer himself isn’t sure if he needs to stop because he is already crawling at the bottom.

The title he used is a bit tricky for us to give meaning to. It can mean that too much drinking can lead to serious downfalls or that being on the rock bottom is the stage where he is right now. Content wise, it’s rare to read articles that tell how alcohol have helped them cope with life. To know that there are people who think that this kind escape is better, that this drinking reveals someone’s true self in the process. There’s a line in an animated movie where a koala said, “When you hit rock bottom, the only way left to go is UP!” not down. He meant that alcohol can be both the problem and the solution. It can’t be a problem, it can’t be a fixed solution too.



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