My Future within a Maze

I think I’m lost.

My life is now within a maze. Complicated, uncertain and puzzling. After all the tough years I spent walking to the path I choose, I got more and more submerged on my heart’s desires.

In the middle of this painful yet pleasant life I’m living, I can see myself following a strange path. Scared, alone and confused. The past lies behind me, the future awaits me. What I have now is my mind grasping for the current.


Countless of times I have asked myself, “What are your plans?” My guts would instantly answer, “You don’t have any!” Those scattered thoughts were like sounds that reverberated on the walls. I thought it isn’t stupid to think that life is still a planned surprise in every turn I will make.

I entered this maze, there are plenty of entry points. There are intersections where I met lovely people along the way. Crisscrossed paths, we made lasting memories with one another, but not all were meant to stay for long. They’d walk with you for a time but they must leave to take their own quests, somewhere both near and far. If you’re lucky, you can learn from them.

My life is a maze. There are different paths and they are difficult to traverse. There are dead ends where mistakes and failures lie to help strenghten your realizations. There are turns that are impossible to predict along the way. Living life is choosing among the many directions that lie before you. It is envisioning an adventure where your heart will tell you the right direction like a compass. Who knows? In one swift turn I could be a filmmaker, a scriptwriter or an advertiser. In another I could be a broadcaster, a photojournalist or even an astronomer. If ever I decided to go left, I could fail or succeed while trying. But if I chose right, and if it is better, I could go on and continue living my life the way I decided it to be.

Maybe after 10, 20 or 30 years I’m still on this maze, fighting to survive against the walls of challenges. Trying to create new dreams that will never wither until I die. It could take years of hunger, struggle and agony but the the wind of hope and the ray of faith are with me. Getting lost at times is necessary to understand why life never goes the way we planned it.

I could take turns, decide for myself, walk freely until the blessed day when I will find my way out, to tell the Creator, “I made it!”


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