“Tsismis lang ang impyerno,” an actor once said in the indie film Pauwi Na, and this statement should be in the mind of every Filipinos.

Why you ask? Because it’s true. We are still alive here on land, but the suffering and pain we harbor as humans blaze like fire that eats flesh. A punishment for the living. We don’t need to die first to experience hell. Look around, it’s everywhere in the country.

We are humans, we sin and so forth, but most of the times we forget that we are the most intelligent creatures and go savage. This is the time when people should’ve long ago evolved from unlawful killings.

If Dante Alighieri described hell in inferno with multiple layers and depths, hell on earth is a single layered one. A land where many people are traitors to their own men and country; people who believe that they can put justice on their hands using violence; sick people who always cheat to the poor countrymen; thieves that worship money more than everything; and gluttons who desire power to rule over the weak Filipinos.

It’s not the first time that people, innocent or not, had been scared of staying late outside home. It’s not the first time that people had feared of being gunned down on the streets with a cardboard beside his or her corpse. It’s not the only time that people became afraid for the safety of their loved ones. Don’t they know some people pray that they’re family member is not next on the death list?


Editorial cartoon by Rolan John Alberto

“We once were men and now are arid stumps.”– Inferno.

What happened? The people who are supposed to fight for us are letting us down. They can’t eradicate and kill and say there’s progress because that’s utterly fake. We are so blinded by the light that we think it is right.

Many of you would never understand the feeling and as long as everyone believes that death can be justice, flames of suffering to people would also never disappear.


Editorial cartoon by Rolan John Alberto

These words are not written from a self-proclaimed righteous person, but it is written to open the minds of people who are blind arrogant of the truth. Those who do not give even the tiniest of care that they are part of this hell-like killing spree. Those who strongly believe that what we have now is justice. Wake up and see the reality that hell also has a place for neutrals and shameless people who don’t love their countrymen.


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